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Town Business Opportunities

Hampton and the Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC Charlotte-Kings) are partnering to support commercial building revitalization initiatives in Hampton by offering incentives for the renovation of eligible business storefronts in the municipality of Hampton.

The Storefront Improvement Assistance Program is designed to encourage retail and commercial building owners to invest in storefront renovations and upgrades by providing a grant (Hampton) and a loan (CBDC) to cover a portion of the renovation costs. Each organization, however, requires a separate application and has an independent approval process. 

For more information check out the application form below. 

Application Form: 2024-Storefront-Improvement-Assistance-Program

Electronic Sign

The town of Hampton Electronic Sign has incredible advertising potential. The sign has an LED screen capable of displaying both graphics and text and is located in a high exposure area, at the Hampton Community Centre.

Ad Bookings are for an Ad Slot running for a maximum of two weeks

Local Non-Profits and Local Registered Charities receive one complimentary ad per month. $25.00 for each additional ad slots

Non-Local Non-Profits and Charities:  $40.00/Slot

Commercial: $100*/Slot

 Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce Members      30% discount 

*If renting a town owned facility (at the established rental rate), a discount sign rate of 50% may be applied to the Commercial Rate. 

Located at the Hampton Community Centre, 808 Main Street

Users will be required to pay for messages a minimum of seven (7) days before messages are posted.

User with any outstanding Town of Hampton invoices of thirty (30) days or more will not be able to advertise on the sign until receipt of payment.

All advertisements submitted for display must adhere to acceptable standards for public display of such advertisements. The Town reserves the right to refuse a request for a display advertisement if, in its opinion, the display advertisement does not meet such acceptable standards. Messages with the following content will not be posted: Personal Requests – birthdays, engagements, weddings, etc.  

Retail Opportunities on William Bell Drive

Strategically located near a major four-lane highway and other popular routes, William Bell Drive is Hampton’s next commercial and retail hub. Constructed with sustainability and low-impact design in mind, this area will attract local residents and travellers, while maintaining the natural beauty and tranquility people expect from our community.

Get in touch at (506) 832-6065 to learn how you could take advantage of our development work along the William Bell Drive streetscape.

Find commercial property in Hampton