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2023 Economic Development & Tourism Committee Minutes

2023 EMO Committee Minutes

2023 Environment Committee Minutes

2023 Finance Committee Minutes

2023 Health Care Committee Minutes

2023 Leisure Services Advisory and Age-Friendly Community Minutes

2023 Planning Advisory Committee Minutes

Council Representative: Kim Tompkins, Councillor, Committee Chair: Mark Reid Committee:Bailey BroganMurry GoodmanDavid HendersonLuke JohnsonJamie …

2023 Public Works Advisory and Utilities Commission Minutes

BY-LAW NO. HAM-2023-09 Animal Control By-law

BY-LAW NO. HAM-2023-08 Police Protection Services By-law

BY-LAW NO. HAM-2023-07 Hampton Emergency Plan By-law

BY-LAW NO. HAM-2023-06 Hampton Fire By-law

BY-LAW NO. HAM-2023-05 Hampton Planning Advisory Committee By-law

2023 Financial Statements & Budget Documents

BY-LAW NO. HAM-2022-04 Remuneration By-law

BY-LAW NO. HAM-2022-03 Corporate Seal By-law

BY-LAW NO. HAM-2022-02 Code of Conduct By-law

BY-LAW NO. HAM-2022-01 Procedural By-law

Recreation Master Plan

2022 Council Meeting Minutes

2022 Council Meeting Minutes

2021 Council Meeting Minutes

2020 09 08 Regular Council Meeting minutes

Burning Permit

Town Council Meeting Agenda

Town of Hampton Town of Hampton Agenda for Meeting of Council March 14, 2022 2. …

2020 Council Meeting Minutes

Community Services Map

Town of Hampton Strategic Plan – 2000

Partners for Climate Protection Program

Moving Hampton Forward

Help the Cops Help the Kids Minor Sports Benefit Trust Fund Applications

Curbside Pickup Schedule

Waste Collection Information

Emergency Preparedness Guide

Sandbag Dike Construction Guide

Well Chlorination and Water Testing after Flooding

Town of Hampton Annual Report – 2018

Recreation Needs Analysis Final Report – 2007

Municipal Plan/ICSP Priorities Report – 2012

Hampton Water Supply Study – 2006

2019 Council Meeting Minutes

2018 Council Meeting Minutes

2017 Council Meeting Minutes

2016 Council Meeting Minutes

2015 Council Meeting Minutes

2014 Council Meeting Minutes

2013 Council Meeting Minutes

2012 Council Meeting Minutes

2011 Council Meeting Minutes

2010 Council Meeting Minutes

2009 Council Meeting Minutes

2008 Council Meeting Minutes

Volunteer Application Form

Stormwater Management Guidelines