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Garbage, Recycling, and Compost

For the Compost, Garbage and Recycling schedule please refer to the link below.

Link: Garbage, Recycling & Compost Schedule

Residents are reminded to keep their garbage and compost carts off sidewalks and street right-of-ways so as to not impede snow removal efforts.

The Town of Hampton provides regular residential large item garbage pick-up, including: appliances, furniture and other oversized household goods acceptable to the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission.  Please be advised that refrigerators and/or freezers must have the Freon removed by a licensed technician, who will sticker the item, prior to the item being placed on the Town’s pick-up list.  You must pre-register for this service by calling the Town Office at 832-6065.   Items should only be placed curbside no earlier than the evening before the scheduled pick-up so as to not impede snow removal efforts and to avoid the items from becoming water-logged. Please note that households are limited to placing out five large items per month with this service.This service is not for construction & demolition debris, household hazardous waste or residential garbage (bags or boxes) that exceeds the amount permitted by your biweekly garbage pick-up. For more information or to register, please call the Town Office at 832-6065.

Town of Hampton provides residential garbage and compost collection for the municipality. The Town aims to provide innovative waste management services to our residents in an efficient, effective and courteous manner creating environmental sustainability, promoting diversion and maintaining a clean town.

All residences have received a large roadside garbage bin.  Continue to use the existing compost bin for your compost.  Routes and Collection days are subject to change from the current set-up.  All waste must be curbside by 7am, as no street will be revisited.   

It is important to note:

  • All garbage must be bagged before placing it in your bin
  • Only garbage INSIDE the bin will be collected
  • Ensure that the handle and wheels of the garbage cart are facing the road when placed curbside on collection day
  • Regularly composting and recycling will greatly reduce the amount of garbage from your household
  • To arrange a bulky item pick-up, call 832-6065
  • Civic addresses must be posted to receive any municipal service

• Store your Compost Cart out of direct sunlight.
• Wrap food waste in newspaper, brown paper bags, or special compostable bags.
• Add baking soda, garden lime, or yard clippings to help absorb odours.
• Greasy or soiled cardboard and paper can be composted. Clean, dry cardboard and paper belongs in the blue bins at your local Recycling Depot.
• Please no plastic bags in the Compost Cart. Special compostable bags accepted only.
• Carts hold a maximum of 50 kg or 100 lbs.

Acceptable Compost 
Bones * Breads * Brush * Candy * Cardboard Ice cream cartons * Cedar clippings * Cheese * Coffee grounds & filters * Cooked or raw food *
Cooking oil, grease & fat * Dairy products * Eggs & shells * Fruits / vegetables & peelings * Feathers * Gourds * Grass clippings (not chemically treated) * Gum * Hair (human & pet) * Kitty litter (clay-based only, must be in compostable bag or wrapped in newspaper) * Leaves * Meat, bones & fish * Muffin liners * Noodles * Nuts * Paper food wrap & bags * Paper plates (no Styrofoam) * Paper napkins & paper towels when soiled with food waste * Pasta * Peanut butter * Peanuts * Pet waste (must be in compostable bag or wrapped in newspaper) * Pine cones * Plants * Pizza * Pizza boxes (greasy or soiled) * Popcorn & microwaveable bag * Popsicle sticks * Pumpkins * Rhubarb & leaves * Rice * Roots * Sauces * Sawdust & wood shavings * Seeds * Shellfish, including shells * Straw & hay * Tea leaves & bags * Twigs & branches (2-inch diameter or less) * Weeds * Wine corks * Yogurt

Unacceptable Compost
x Ashes x Baby diapers x Cigarette butts x Chemically-sprayed grass x Clothes & rags x Coffee & fast food cups x Dryer sheets & lint x Glass, metal & plastic x Medical waste x Milk cartons x Personal hygiene products x Rocks, bricks & gravel x Paint, motor oil or gasoline x Plastic bags x Q-tips x Vacuum cleaner bags & contents x Wax

Yard Waste, Twigs and Branches

The Town does an annual brush clean-up in the spring. Your leaf and yard waste can go in your compost cart. Remember that the lid must be able to close. This includes brush, leaves, weeds, grass,  etc.   

Maximum weight of cart: 50 kg or 100 lbs

Additional leaves can be placed in brown paper bags or compostable bags and placed beside your
compost cart.
Branches or twigs
Maximum diameter 2” (5 cm)
Cut into 4’ (1.2 m) lengths and place in cart or
Tie with string and set beside the cart
Compost Cart plus 2 additional items (twig bundles or compostable bags) are acceptable.

Materials NOT accepted:
No rocks, bricks, tree stumps, painted or treated wood

Collect your recyclables and take them to the recycling depot (the blue bins) located near Service New Brunswick, at 410 William Bell Drive. 


PAPER AND BOXBOARD (all items must be clean and dry)
Cereal boxes * Computer paper * Coloured paper * Cracker boxes * Envelopes * Flyers * Hardcover books *  Magazines *  Newspapers * Paperback books * Paper towel rolls *  Posters * Telephone books, etc

x No wax paper x No gift wrap

CORRUGATED CARDBOARD – the cardboard with the wavy piece in the middle (please flatten all boxes)
* Moving boxes * Heavy Duty boxes

METAL, RIGID PLASTIC, MILK (all items must be clean and dry)
Aluminum pie plates * Antifreeze containers  * Coat hangers * Ice cream tubs * Ketchup bottles * Pill bottles * Plastic milk jugs * Tin cans * Yogurt containers

x No Styrofoam x No Milk Bags x No Single use plastics

PLEASE NOTE: glass,  and any soft plastic you can crumple in your hand like a plastic bag, bread bag, frozen food bag, shrink wrap, etc.  is no longer accepted at the blue bins for recycling.