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Public Works

Director of Public Works and Utilities:
Mike Raeburn,

Public Works Supervisor:
Mark Cormier,

Administrative Assistant (Public Works & Facilities):
Lori McNiven,

Works Department Policies

Paving Driveways or Landscaping Ditches:

A Development Permit is required for the “Development of Town-Owned Property, including, but not limited to, paving onto Town Property and the building and/or landscaping of ditches.” A Development Permit is not required to “Build or pave driveways that do not cross onto Town property.” It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that they have a development permit, however the Town of Hampton is requesting that Paving Contractors ask the owner if they have one before commencing a job, to prevent delays if we are forced to stop your work until a permit can be obtained. 

Policy For Bushes, Trees and Branches of Trees 
On Public Land:

  1. All bushes, trees or branches of trees on public lands that interfere with clearly seeing regulatory and warning signs from an acceptable distance are to be removed. 
  2. All bushes, trees or branches of trees on public lands that reduce the sight distance at an intersection so that a vehicle cannot safely turn from one street onto another, are to be removed. 
  3. All bushes, trees or branches of trees not covered by #1 or #2, but on public lands, and causing a traffic/walking hazard, are to be removed in accordance with an annually prepared plan approved by Council. 
  4. An annual educational program shall be directed at property owners to discourage them from planting bushes or trees which will eventually encroach upon public lands. 
  5. Any trees in the Town of Hampton that are on Town property that are deemed by the Works Superintendent to be a safety concern, will be removed by the Works Department, after notice is given to the affected residents. 

Roadside Memorials Policy