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Age-Friendly Community


  • Age-friendly communities support better health, improve safety and achieve greater involvement of community members by implementing age-friendly policies and actions that benefit both older and younger citizens, at the same time. Council has formed an Age-Friendly Community Committee to ensure the implementation of the Age-Friendly Community Steering Committee’s recommendations as they relate to the eight domains defined by the World Health Organization.
  • To engage community members to assist with the implementation of the Age-Friendly Community Steering Committee recommendations as approved by Council.
  • Execute action items associated with the 18 recommendations to deliver the expected outcomes.   
  • To build awareness toward age-friendly priorities and actions.
  • To support age-friendly initiatives in the community.

Committee Mandate:

  • To serve as the age-friendly champion for the community by implementing the vision created by the age-friendly steering committee;
  • To develop a coordinated approach between local government, citizens, service providers, and community organizations;
  • To educate the community to view policies, projects and programs with an age-friendly lens;
  • Participate in engagement opportunities;
  • Prioritize, oversee, promote and encourage implementation of the action plan;
  • Continually evaluate the expected outcomes to ensure the action plan and associated recommendations are being meet;
  • To monitor changes and provide future recommendations to age-friendliness, with consideration of the impact on people of all generations and abilities; and
  • Review and provide input on draft documents.